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Technology has also brought about new ways of auditioning. If getting in is already a challenge, then being a trainee is harder. Trainees go through vocal, dance, acting lessons and even foreign language and composition trainings. Training also lasts for a long time. In fact, members Soo Young, Jessica and Hyo Yeon had to train for almost 7 years to become versatile entertainers. Moreover, as SM Entertainment regularly holds recitals, trainees push themselves to be better. Trainees usually start young like G-dragon and Taeyang and practice until late in the evening and only have Sunday as their rest day.

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Beginnings[ edit ] Lee started auditioning and landed minor roles in several television dramas such as Nonstop 5 and Recipe of Love. However, as his stage name was pronounced and written Hangul in the same way as the Korean word imin, which means “immigration”, it made it hard for him to show up his ball in internet search results. He eventually went back to using his original name. Lee was severely injured and spent several months bedridden. During the shooting of the latter he became good friends with actor Kim Su-ro , who later praised him on a variety show:

It includes; Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jun Lee Jung Suk, Lee Min Ho, and Ji Chang Wook. I think that everyone should check this out as it can just be something interesting to watch when you have extra time in between dramas.

Career[ edit ] Yoo Ji-tae began his career as a fashion model , and he walked the runway for the Seoul Fashion Artist Association collections in Then in , with a series of hit films and widely seen TV appearances, Yoo was more constantly in the limelight than any other actor, and in a very short time, rose to become a major actor in Korean film. His sensitive and artistic image in this film and the warm character he displayed as a guest on TV talk shows helped to propel him to stardom.

With the surprise success of his third film Ditto in spring , Yoo’s star status was secured. He also appeared in the successful firefighting film Libera Me. In this early part of his career, he was known particularly for the wild colors that he would dye his hair white in Attack the Gas Station , blue in Ditto , blonde in Libera Me.

Although it wasn’t a big hit with audiences, his performance in this film opened many critics’ eyes and drew widespread praise, while officially launching the second stage of his career. He then appeared in three works in Yoo’s memorable role in the latter film as a wealthy eccentric fixated on revenge would make his face well known to international audiences. As soon as he finished shooting the period film Hwang Jin-yi about a Joseon -era gisaeng , [5] Yoo chose to act in the play Come to the Ghost House.

A graduate of Dankook University with a major in Theater and Film, he also established a theater to put on one play a year.

Lee Min Ho rumoured to be dating Taylor Swift, but fans will have none of it

The Lee Ji Hye and Seo Ji Young scandal that makes the T-ara scandal look like child’s play This post is about the legendary S arp bullying scandal that kids these days probably haven’t heard about. Seo Ji Young comes from a hugely influential family in the entertainment industry and her father spent a lot of money on setting up a company in so that Seo Ji Young could debut in a co-ed group named S arp.

The group did extremely well under the production of Roo’Ra’s Lee Sang Min who was known for his exceptional song production skills.

Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho are back in the spotlight again – this time not just of their controversial relationship but for allegedly being secretly married. After the dating rumors of the two famous Korean stars, another speculation surfaced as the “Uncontrollably Fond” star was spotted wearing a .

The “Yes No Maybe” hitmaker was believed to be hinting that she was missing him after she posted a photo on Instagram featuring a mysterious man that looked like the “Legends of the Blue Sea” actor on Sunday, May In the photo, Suzy was holding a four-leaf clover in her hand. While she wasn’t in the photo, a glimpse of a man wearing a black hat could be seen behind the clover. Although it was blurry, fans believed that the man was Min Ho, who is currently serving in the military.

I miss you,” a fan wrote in the comment section. Is that Lee Min Ho? A fan also asked her to upload more photos with her boyfriend. We are eagerly waiting to see you both together,” the fan commented.

Lee Joon, Jung So-min confirmed to be dating

Dear Kim Eun Sook, Here’s a helpful reminder from one writer to another: Hogwarts is actually located in England, not America. No, you do not. Thusly, it must be located outside American borders.

Life has imitated art for star couple Lee Min-ho (24) and Park Min-young (25), whose on-screen characters fell madly in love on the recently ended SBS drama “City Hunter” before the actors followed suit. Their agencies confirmed on Tuesday that the pair started dating .

No, this is a false alarm, they are just attending the awarding night as SBS best couple of the year for their Hit drama series, Heirs. Here are the conversation happen that night: Are you guys sitting separately on purpose? Shin Hye had another schedule, and did that. Do you want to win Best Couple Award? I want to win. It will be good for you.

Confirmed: Lee Min Ho and Suzy Break Up After Almost 3 Years of Dating

Shinee Lee Taemin was born on July 18, Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade. His parents, noticing his talent for dance, prompted him to audition during the SM Open Weekend Audition Casting where he was accepted immediately. In , Taemin was chosen to debut as a member of Shinee at the age of Entertainment revealed that Taemin would be taking part in the reality variety show ” We Got Married ” with Son Na-eun as his partner, replacing the previous couple Kwanghee and Sunhwa.

On August 18, , Taemin made his solo debut and released his first mini album Ace , which contains six songs.

Lee Min Ho is currently filming for his upcoming movie project, “Legend Of The Blue Sea.” Suzy Bae’s latest Korean drama series, “Uncontrollably Fond” has just recently ended, leaving the year old actress more time for endorsements.

In their report, they quoted an alleged insider who simply said, “Lee Min Ho and Suzy broke up recently. They went to Suzy herself and asked if she indeed did break up with Min Ho recently. Most of the rumormongers are pursuing the route of infidelity as in Min Ho and Suzy found love in another person. The easiest person to pair both of them with would be fellow co-stars from their latest works.

For starters, both of them were still in a relationship at the time with the latter being married and having a family. Still, said probability is minute simply because both are publicly acknowledged as not being in a relationship. In conclusion, the real reason why both of them broke up is why most popular Korean celebrity couples break up: With work constantly keeping them separated, the distance can result in both Min Ho and Suzy growing distant themselves.

What will the two Hallyu stars do after separating?

Lee Min Ho’s Past Photo with a Supposed Former Girlfriend Catches Attention

May 25, – July 28, Runtime: He graduated from M. The two people fall for each other even though Yoon-Sung was warned not to fall in love. An elaborate plan for revenge is his ultimate mission While the president and other high ranking public officials were visiting Myanmar an explosion occurs there set off by North Korean agents.

Kuala lumpur: lee min-ho has waited for 2 once again! Kuala lumpur: lee min ho and park minyoung. Breaking: lee min ho are among the report, south korean news flirting dating with his manager, now.

Comments ‘It’s true that they have broken up. They have decided to remain good friends in the industry,’ says JYP Entertainment which represents Suzy. You can either rejoice or sob. A local media outlet, Ilgan Sports, first broke the news on Thursday, November JYP Entertainment said, “It’s true that they have broken up. They have decided to remain good friends in the industry. The reasons and exact time period is a personal matter so we cannot confirm that.

They were rumored to have broken up several times, but they denied them, saying that their relationship was still strong. In April, it was reported that they celebrated their second anniversary as a couple. Suzy once said when asked when she first fell in love with Min Ho, “I can’t really say for sure but he is very understanding and caring.

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